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Overall Progress

Current Stage:


The SAEPP project is currently in Phase 0, ‘Curiosity Driven Research’. This reaches and end on 30th August 2015. In the meantime we are submitting a proposal for further EU-funding under the bid ICT-36f. This is still in the preliminary phase as we are currently gathering prospective consortium members and have yet to write the bid.

In terms of vehicle production, we have a demonstration unit for viewing. This was present at our first kick-off meeting at the RCA Dyson Building in London during February. Consortium members viewed the unit and breakout sessions allowed prehospital and ambulance experts to assess the proposed design changes. The agenda for the two-day meeting can be found on our document archive page.


Next steps

This workshop was the first approach to understand some of the priorities of the different members of the consortium. Whilst the workshop was centered on discussing different aspects of the ambulance service, equipment and vehicles, it is important to remember that the SAEPP project is responding to an information and communication technologies (ICT) call.

Moving forward, we should consider which of the opportunities identified and prioritised during the kick-off workshop could be addressed through ICT driven initiatives/solutions.

These opportunities should also be assessed taking into account the overall objectives of:

  • Improving patient outcomes (e.g. more effective treatment / closer to home)
  • Improving system efficiencies (e.g. cost savings from reduce hospital admissions)

Exhibitions & Events

Below you can find a list of links to ambulance-related events and exhibitions. For further information regarding whether or not SAEPP is either attending or exhibiting these events you may contact the site administrator. Contact details can be found underneath Ambulance Today on the Contact Us page.

Trauma Care Conference                                     18/05/15 – 24/05/15

RETTmobil 2015                                                      06/05/15 – 08/05/15

Teeside Trauma Conference                                                       21/05/15

College of Paramedics National Research Conference      28/05/15

Larry Lamb Paramedic Study Day                                            10/07/15

Nat. Amb. Clinical and Patient Safety Conference               09/09/15

BASICS Scotland Conference                                                    12/09/15

Emergency Services Show                              23/09/15 – 24/09/2015

The College of Emergency Medicine                 26/09/15 – 28/09/15

A+A Health & Safety                                                 27/10/15 – 30/10/15

The ERC Guidelines Conference                           29/10/15 – 31/10/15

Medica 2015                                                                 16/11/15 – 19/11/15

Recus Council (UK) Annual Scientific Symposium                 26/11/15