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For simplicity and accuracy the website under the URL will be referred to as either the SAEPP site or the SAEPP website upon this page. Individuals belonging to the SAEPP consortium, the SAEPP consortium as a whole, and those members of the SAEPP consortium which comprise the project’s Steering Committee may all be referred to simply as SAEPP upon
this page.

Members of the SAEPP project realise the importance of an informative, well maintained web site and we strive to provide the most interesting, useful and accurate information possible.

We take the accuracy of any information we share very seriously and strive to insure that all information is complete, accurate and true.

We cannot, however, guarantee that all information is completely correct or that all information contains no inaccuracies. However, all information hosted on this site will, towards the best of our knowledge, be truthful and complete. If in the course of time any manager of this site should learn that a piece of given information is inaccurate for any reason then it will either be noted as such, modified, or removed.

Of course this is also true when referring to links which take visitors to other websites or media. We are not responsible for any inaccurate or false information which is hosted upon other websites or media. If we are made aware of any inaccuracies then we will either make a note of this on our site next to the relevant link or we will remove the link altogether.

SAEPP reserves the right to modify and/or supplement its website without prior notification and to modify, supplement and/or delete data from its website as and when it chooses to do so without any prior notification.

Protection of personal data

SAEPP both respects rights to privacy and protects them. Most information hosted on the SAEPP site will not need any personal or private information. However, in some cases, personal or private information may need to be shared (for example names, addresses, job titles etc.).  In cases such as these information and data is treated in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 8 December 1992 on protection of privacy in relation to the processing of personal data.

Personal information is only collected and processed in order to provide the requested information, or to facilitate desired services on-line. The processing of your personal information is limited to the initial purpose. Personal information will not be disclosed to third parties or used for direct marketing purposes. Individuals will always have access to their respective personal information and will always be able to check upon and then verify its accuracy. Individuals have the ability correct inaccuracies in their own personal data and may highlight inaccuracies in the personal data relating to others (which would then be further investigated and, if necessary, amended by SAEPP). For this purpose, please contact the administrator of the site:

For further information please visit the ‘Contact’ tab on this website. SAEPP takes the highest security measures available to us in order to prevent third party abuse of your personal data.

Intellectual Property

Individuals have the right to change the information on this website where they believe it to be inaccurate or where said information directly concerns them. This may be done by contacting the site administrator and highlighting the desired changes, the reasons for these changes, how you know that these changes will provide a higher degree of accuracy and by also providing your own identity and (if and where applicable) how this information relates to you. The site administrator may be contacted via email at

Individuals also have the right to consult the website (as well as those involved in it’s maintenance) for personal use, to download and reproduce, and to provide the source of material used. Individuals must exercise these rights in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 30 June 1994 on copyright and neighbouring rights. This permission does not apply to texts where explicit restrictions on the use are listed. Reproduction or use of multimedia information (sound, images, software, etc.) always requires prior approval from the site administrator. SAEPP retains all intellectual property rights
within the website and the information which is made available.

Use of Hyperlinks and References

On or through the site (hyper) links lead you to other websites, and refer to information provided by third parties. Therefore SAEPP has no technical or substantive control over these websites and, as a result, cannot guarantee the completeness or accuracy of the content or availability of these websites and the information which they hold and share.

The hyperlinks featured on the SAEPP site do not imply our endorsement of the respective external site or its contents.
SAEPP assumes no liability for direct or indirect loss arising from the consultation or the use of such external websites and their content.


Any comments or materials which are unsolicited and unexpectedly provided by individuals, including data or reactions concerning the content of this site, will be considered as non-confidential by SAEPP. SAEPP declines any obligation regarding the response to these unsolicited and sudden comments and information.

SAEPP may use unsolicited reactions and data to its own discretion, subject to restrictions stipulated in the Act of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy in relation to the processing of personal data. SAEPP may use ideas, concepts, knowledge and techniques contained in your reactions, for any purpose what-so-ever, including, among other things, the development and design of new services.

This statement is made for our own protection. Individuals should know that communications made in good faith, unsolicited or not, will not be abused by SAEPP and that the individual’s own ideas expressed within said communications, opinions and suggestions will be respected as their own. Members of SAEPP are inclusive and respect others, and their rights, who share a passion in our project’s mission. If such individuals wish to contact us with ideas, opinions or suggestions then those ideas and their ownership will be respected. The above statement concerning SAEPP’s right to use such information for any purpose what-so-ever will refer to those individuals who make unsolicited contact in any manner which we deem to be unprofessional, abusive or generally negative and unwarranted.